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Inventor Partnerships
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Faultless Inventors™

Dear Inventors, we are no longer taking submissions. For more information on Garden Weasel tools, please visit
– Faultless Inventors Team

Placing New Products on the Shelf

The Faultless Starch / Bon Ami Co., is an international consumer products company seeking new products to distribute to the mass market. We have worked with inventors and entrepreneurs for over 30 years when we discovered the Garden Weasel. Faultless has sold millions of Garden Weasels and many other new products as well. Faultless Inventors™ represents a corporate wide effort to locate, develop, market and sell new consumer products. We look to continue to offer our partners a gateway to the mass market.

We invite you to Submit Your Product to us. We also sponsor an annual invention contest with prizes and a great opportunity to showcase your new product.

Retail Distribution Opportunities for New Product Partnerships

Faultless has sold consumer products since 1887. Our products are sold in the United States and internationally through a variety of locations from mass merchandise to gift stores and the Internet. The company continues to expand its lines with extensions on its older brand names and also added a number of imported and domestically produced products. Some of these include Kleen King®, Magic®, Hot Iron Cleaner®, Weed Popper®, Garden-Claw®, Weasel Edger® and more.

Faultless Inventor Partnerships

We have established relationships with all of the major chain stores. We work directly with the buyers to put your new products on the shelf and we have a proven ability to help our inventor partners make money. Faultless believes in mutual relationships and the ethical treatment of inventors. Through five generations of family ownership, Faultless has kept its word. In the last 30 years, we have developed a deep respect for inventors. We work directly with our inventor partners. We acquire product rights through strategic alliance, license or product purchase. Could your product be the next Garden Weasel?

Fee-Less Licensing

We are not an invention submission company. We do not charge the inventor or entrepreneur any fees when submitting or for us to review your product. We call it fee-less licensing. We also do not charge any fees for our efforts in researching or developing the product. Ultimately, if our review looks good, we will enter discussions with you on a product licensing or purchase agreement.

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